10 Of The Most Stunning Bank Notes in Circulation

At some level we all like to admire the art we come across during our lives.

For some, that’s the appreciation of street art or wall murals.

While for others it involves a trip to the Louvre in Paris.

But we handle works of art every single day in the form of the paper currency we use, and most of us never pay it a second thought.

Some bank notes are so stunning that you it’s literally impossible not to pay attention to them.

Here are 10 of the most stunning bank notes in circulation.

1. Swiss 50 Franc Bank note

swiss 50 franc note


2. UK £10 Jane Austen Bank note

UK Jane Austen £10 note


3. Bermuda $2 bill

Bermuda $2 bill


4. 1000 Kronur Note (Faroe Islands)

Faroe Island 10,000 Kronur


5. Samoa’s 20 Tala

Samoan 20 Tala note


6. Kazakhstan’s 10,000 Tenge Note

10000 Tenge note


 7. Maldives Rufiyaa 1000 Note

Maldives 1000 Rufiya


8. Norway 100 Kroner Note

Norway 100 Kroner note


9. Trindad & Tobago 50 Dollar Note

Trinidad & Tobago 50 note


10. New Zealand $5 Note

New Zealand $5 note


So, which of these notes made the biggest impact on you?

Let us know with a blog comment below.

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