5 Reasons Not To Invest In Pop-up Banners (2018)

You’ve seen pop-up banners at most of the trade shows or networking events you’ve attended.

In fact, you’ve probably seen them in your competitor’s front offices, or at their stand at the same business events mentioned above.

You can see them from a mile away, and they do seem to get a lot of attention from the general public.

But what we want to share with you today are our top 5 reasons why you shouldn’t spend any money on pop-up banners this year.

Or next year.

Or ever, for that matter.


versatile advertising

1. You Don’t Need Versatile Advertising

Pop-up banners are portable, impactful, reusable and easy to transport from one location to another. In fact, you can carry them over your shoulder because they’re so lightweight.

But we know you don’t mind printing from scratch every time you need a promotional banner, and then roll it up, store it and forget it.

And who needs high-quality portable advertising that can be used around your business premises instead of being left in storage?

Nothing in business should be easy.

cost effective advertising

2. You Don’t Need Cost Effective Promotion

Right now your business probably has more customers and revenue than it needs, so you don’t mind spending 5x – 10x more on advertising than your competitors.

The economy is booming, after all, so why would you possibly want to maximize your ROI on advertising?

From where you stand right now there’s no point in investing in pop-up banners, even though you can use them over and over again, in a variety of locations.

What business really needs that?

easy advertising solutions

3. You Absolutely Don’t Need Ease Of Use.

It just makes more sense to lug boxes of flyers, posters and Blu Tack around with you every time you attend an event. After all, you’re used to it by now…even if your back does ache more with each passing year.

So you have no need of a banner that can be put together in a few minutes, and that will draw attention to your products or services no matter where you are.

We even put together a video to show you how easy it is to assemble a pop-up banner because we know that you have a better way of doing things.

And nobody needs promotional material that’s easy to maintain, even if a set of pop-up banners requires almost zero maintenance.

Nothing takes the place of good hard graft in this world.

how to look unprofessional

4. Why Bother Looking Professional?

Who isn’t happy standing around at a trade show or networking event with a table full of pens and free notepads?

The other guys seem to be doing just fine with that approach…even if they don’t seem to attract a lot of attention. It doesn’t make sense to break with tradition because this is what worked 20 years ago, so it should still work now.

Sure, the competition’s banners do look professional, and it does help them stand out in a sea of people, but your product is good enough to sell itself.

People who appreciate real quality and value will get that, even if they can’t find you.

advertising storage space

5. You Don’t Need Marketing Materials That Are Easy To Store

You have that storage room for a reason – and it’s doing a perfectly good job in helping all those posters from 2008 gather dust. You should get around to binning them…but maybe you can still find a use for them.

Giving up that massive storage space is more than you can bear to think about, so you stick with it…and the boxes filled with marketing literature from an unknown year…or decade.

Yes, pop-up banners take up about as much space as a large laptop bag, but that’s not the point.

After all, can you really call yourself a legitimate business if you don’t have a storage room packed from floor to ceiling with boxes?


Yes, we are being contrarian – and just a tiny bit sarcastic – with this blog post.

Sometimes you have to reframe how you explain marketing materials for businesses to truly understand their value.

Pop-up banners are an incredibly effective, affordable, versatile and easy-to-store solution for promoting any business.

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