5 Reasons Why Branding for Businesses is Important

When starting a new business, it can be easy to overlook the process of developing a personalised brand identity, as it may not seem like an important task to undertake when so many other factors of business development must take precedence.

However, the absence of strong branding for your business can cause implications and may harm future success.

Taking some time to work on building your brand can have great benefits and can majorly improve the overall perception of a business by your customers.

With this in mind, here are some benefits that can be obtained from having a personalised look for your business.


1. Recognisability

The first benefit to having defined branding for your business is recognisability. Research has shown that brand recognition can be improved by 80% by simply using a signature brand colour. Therefore, when a business creates their own personalised and signature branding, they afford themselves the opportunity to stand out from their competition and enhance their recognisability. The development of a unique logo in combination with font styles and colour selection work together to create a defined look for a business which, when created correctly, can become synonymous with the business and make you recognisable to your customers.

With well-developed branding, even if your customers aren’t in the market for your services, your branding should be strong enough that when they need your service, you are top of mind.


2. Trust

A level of trust can also be developed through creating professional branding for your business. By representing your business and your service offerings, you can control your customers first impression of your business. It will also allow your customers to have initial insight into your business and this helps to avoid misleading them.

Poor, incohesive branding can often confuse and repel customers as it looks unprofessional and this perception can often reflect on the business, leading to a lack of trust in the business.

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3. Employees

Your employees can also benefit from great branding as they often want to feel a sense of pride about where they work and feel as though they belong. Branding can play a role here as, not only will professional branding make the business look good, both internally to employees and externally to customers, but it can also be used across office merchandise and apparel which can reinforce the message of belonging to a team among your employees.


4. Advertising

When trying to advertise for your business, it can become a difficult process if your business doesn’t have any branding that represents its identity and values. The public may struggle to grasp who is communicating with them and miss the main message of the advertising campaign due to low levels of brand recognition.

By taking the time to develop your branding to be communicative of your business and what it stands for, you allow your business to create an identity that will then become recognisable and will work to support your advertising efforts, creating greater awareness, reach and impact.

Advertising - Branding


5. Loyalty

Branding can also be used to develop loyalty amongst your customers as it allows for your business to appeal to customers on an emotional level as they have something to associate your brand with. Having this association creates a connection amongst customers and will allow for relationships to develop with customers as opposed to just focusing on your business which may make customers feel like they are only trying to be sold to.

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