5 Reasons Why Catalogues Are Great Marketing Tools

Back in the days before e-commerce, catalogue shopping ruled the world. Well, maybe not quite “ruled”, but people were careful to keep their various catalogues safe for shopping season, birthdays, and the anniversary they always forget.

People have repeated this same behaviour since the first shopping catalogue was produced in 1498.

In fact, if you live in the UK or Ireland you probably still look forward to picking up the Argos Christmas catalogue each year.

Why do people do this, especially in a digital age where the idea of having a paper catalogue is supposedly passé?

Because of human nature…and 520 years of conditioning.

So here are 5 reasons why you should at least consider using catalogues in your marketing and brand building.

1. Higher Engagement Levels

Everyone hates junk mail, most of which is quickly tossed into the nearest paper recycling bin

But that’s not the case with catalogues. In fact, the average consumer will spend up to 15 minutes reading a catalogue, and then keep it for weeks, if not months.

If you don’t believe us take a quick look around your office or your home. We’re quietly confident you’ll find at least two brochures or catalogues that have been in your possession for several weeks..

2. Compliment Other Advertising

People’s attention spans are getting shorter with each passing decade. The days of being able to advertise on one medium alone are obviously over.

Print advertising, in the form of a catalogue or brochure, can quite easily be used in conjunction with other forms of advertising e.g. a digital ad that offers your customers a free catalogue. They might not remember your digital ad, but they’ll be a mixture of happy and curious to see your catalogue when it arrives in the post.

3. Catalogues are Cost Effective

Numerous studies have shown that catalogues provide a better return on investment than either TV or mass digital advertising. The reason for this is simple – longevity.

Other forms of advertising tend to be transient, but we know that catalogues are usually read cover to cover, and then carefully stored to read again later. The same cannot be said for pretty much any other form of advertising.

4. An Easy Reference Guide

Have you ever found yourself almost pounding your keyboard into dust because the online catalogue you’re trying to search is obviously so badly designed that finding what you’re looking for is almost impossible?

You’re not alone.

This is something that never happens with a well-designed catalogue, because there’s a natural flow to it, and you can place the products you most want to sell front and centre to your customer’s attention and focus.

5. Brand Association

There’s something quite unique about the impact a paper catalogue has on a person in relation to your brand or business. It engages their senses on multiple levels, from the feel of the paper, through to the images, and the copy used to promote your products.

They leave a lasting impression on customers, who not only refer to them several times, but are also now more likely to purchase several products at once, versus the single product they were considering buying before your new catalogue arrived.

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