5 Best Reasons to Advertise with Posters

Even in a world that is becoming increasingly digitalised, the benefit of using posters has not been forgotten. Posters have a level of versatility and impact that can often be unmatched by digital assets.

When you as a business have something to communicate and you want to create an impact, considering posters for the following benefits may just help to create that buzz you are looking for.


1. Size and Positioning

Posters provide the benefit of being able to be sized easily and placed anywhere you can think of, often allowing your business to become more creative and innovative when choosing locations to place the poster.

Posters have previously been placed on lamp posts, shop windows, supermarkets, coffee shops, noticeboards and a multitude of other locations.

This level of versatility from poster advertising means as a business, you have a wide range of options as to where you can sell yourself or your products and achieve greater awareness through consistent repetition.


2. Emotional Connection

People are consuming such a high volume of content online now that it has become a habit to check social media and quickly scroll through your feed.

However, in this process of shifting towards online, an element of emotional connection gets lost. The normalcy of seeing an advertisement online has led to many ignoring what is being advertised and scrolling to the next post.

By taking your message offline, you break the social media cycle and give your audience the chance to see your message with fresh eyes.

Businesses can often use poster advertising to communicate emotional messages to their consumers. It gives your business that chance to promote your beliefs and identity much more publicly and allows your consumers to connect with what you are trying to communicate.

Developing a poster that stands out, is creative and has an emotional charge behind the message can be much more effective when seen offline and out in public than online where the same advertisement may be missed when scrolling.


3. Credibility

Posters can also help to provide your business with a level of credibility that sometimes can be missing from online advertising.

Developing posters which are inclusive and representative of your business, brand and values develop a much stronger market presence and showcases your dedication to wanting to communicate with your customers and showing the more human side of your business.

As a business, you don’t want to give the impression that you are trying to hide and you allow your customers to begin to develop their impressions and brand relationship.

Poster Advertising


4. Repetition to Fuel Recall

With posters being a marketing asset that is often much more appealing to consumers than online media, a creative poster with your signature brand colours, logos and identity shining through can create a better level of recall.

By straying away from using solely online media, your audience will have the opportunity to see your business in a brand new environment and often be exposed to it multiple times a day.

With posters being so versatile and dynamic in how you can place them, you improve your opportunity to increase your business visibility in your locality. People often make the same commute to work every day, whether driving, walking, cycling or on public transport, and can become much more familiar with your business from the consistent repetition.

Research shows that 94% of people feel that they are more likely to be drawn to the imagery on a poster than any written text or content.


5. Posters Can Boost Online Presence

Posters don’t have to act alone and can often be incorporated into your overall marketing strategy. Businesses benefit much more dramatically when they choose to strategically develop an omnichannel approach to their marketing.

A creative and professional poster promoting your business at a bus shelter can be created to communicate your message whilst also encouraging viewers to, for example, visit your website, follow you on Instagram or like your page on Facebook. In this respect, you have now boosted your awareness both offline and online.

Online Presence - Poster Advertising

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