DVF Hosts Weekly Connect Effect Meeting

Weekly Connect Effect Meeting

Our fellow Connect Effect members arrived at our premises in Tycor Business Park at 8am, and networked for 15 minutes with a warm beverage of their choice, before I presented for 20 minutes and then gave them a guided tour of our facility.

Connect Effect has been actively encouraging members to host one of our weekly meetings at their own premises as opposed to our usual meeting place. The reasoning behind this is that it gives our membership the unique opportunity to see another member’s business in operation, and to get a better idea of the products and services they offer.

We struggled to seat the 20+ attendees, but it was a most worthwhile exercise, judging from the immediate and very positive feedback we got from ourĀ  colleagues as they departed at 9am when the meeting concluded.

DVF is very proud of our long membership of Connect Effect, and we would like to thank all the members for attending the meeting we hosted, and for their continued support. We strongly believe that our membership greatly assisted our successful navigation through the recent recession.

Connect Effect continues to be of great benefit to DVF, even as the economic trend appears to be moving back towards growth.

As valuable as business referrals are, the shared stories, information and assistance we get from our participation is priceless.