Develop 2060 – For Your Oversized Printing Jobs

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We’re always looking for ways to improve what we do, the range of products we offer, and the services we make available to our customers. This means we’re constantly evaluating new printing or packaging equipment; it gets so bad at times it feels like we’re researching in our sleep. Not that we mind – we love what we do.

So, following on from the recent installation of our new MiniPack shrink wrapper, we’ve also just installed an Ineo Develop 2060 large format printer. This represents the cutting edge in high-speed colour printing on the market today, producing lithographic-quality printing from a digital device. We’ve been predicting for a while that digital presses would soon overtake litho printers in everything but texture, and the Develop 2060 is a sign of the times.

What we love about this brand new digital press is that not only can it handle large-format print jobs (up to 1200mm x 327mm) that are simply impossible with a regular digital press, but the output from the Develop 2060 press is stunning.

It can also print to a wide variety of paper stocks, up to a maximum weight of 350gsm, making it ideal for printing 6PP A4 folders and pocket folders.

A few photos of the new arrival:


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