Printer upgrades – New Epson on the way

DVF are delighted to announce the imminent arrival of their replacement Large Format press. “This will be our third Epson 44 inch press. Having gone to many trade shows late last year and brought test file with us to compare, we concluded that Epson is still the machine of choice for us”.

We are also taking the opportunity to upgrade the RIP, the computer that manages the work flow, with the very latest Caldera package.

Lots of people in our industry just use the printer driver, as you would on your home PC and inkjet printer, to run their large format presses giving little control over colour or material.

With a commercial RIP like Caldera, you can manage the colour gamut, and add material profiles to achieve way better print results. Probably the best advantage is the ability to manage / tile several jobs together while still giving each job individual attention. You can also manage an extra wide graphic as if it were wall paper with perfect joins every time.

With 11 inks, the tones that this press achieves are truly mind blowing. It is also a “Contract Proofer”, which is most useful when needing to get inks matched by other presses.