The Untapped Power of Printed Marketing Literature

Everyone around you seems to be telling you to focus on digital marketing, email lists, SEO or social media marketing.

This advice usually comes from people who want to sell you something…usually their digital marketing services. Or a really expensive course on digital marketing, usually with outdated information and techniques.

But what about the untapped power of printed marketing literature?

Digital Marketing

digital marketing

The truth is there are any of a number of ways to market your business, and not all of them rely on digital marketing, social media or “influencer marketing”.

Yes, digital marketing is important, but it’s a relatively recent innovation. Other forms of marketing existed for hundreds of years before the first computer was ever invented.

In fact, studies show that social media marketing, for example, is being abandoned by many businesses.

It’s become expensive because of the requirement to invest in paid ads if you want to attract a wider audience.

And there’s also the diminishing return on investment reported by many companies advertising on social networks. Social networks are no longer the place to place “cheap ads”.

But one marketing method in particular is now often overlooked because business owners are tripping over themselves to spend more of their hard-earned cash in developing an online presence.

What is this magical marketing method we speak of?

Printed marketing literature.

Printed Marketing Literature

Although this might not be as “sexy” as spending thousands on a pay-per-click advertising campaign, it is a far more permanent and human reminder for your customers of who you are and what you do.

printed brochures

Here’s a question to ponder:

When was the last time you printed out an email because you felt it was worth keeping?

We’re going to guess that you’ve never done that. Not even once.

And a follow-up question is:

How many business cards or brochures do you have in your office drawer, or the kitchen drawers at home?

Again we’re going to guess that you have several of these in your possession. And you’ve probably had them for years.

That tells you a lot about actual human behaviour as opposed to what digital marketing agencies want you to believe about human nature.

Meanwhile inboxes everywhere are overflowing with unwanted emails, while digital ads go ignored on computer, phone and tablet screens.

When was the last time you clicked on a paid ad after running a Google search?

Several months ago, or maybe never?

And that’s without even considering the massive concerns people have about their digital data being compromised, shared, sold or used to manipulate their behaviours e.g. the Cambridge Analytics fiasco.

Digital privacy is a real concern, and a valid one.

The Benefits of Printed Marketing Literature

This situation presents your business with the perfect opportunity to cut through all the static with professionally printed business literature and marketing materials.

The simple truth is that brochures, flyers and other printed business materials are as effective as they ever have been.

And the more forward-thinking companies out there are maximizing on this opportunity by communicating with their customers via print. They’re doing this with professionally designed business cards, letterheads, flyers, compliment slips and brochures, for example.

business stationery kit

This is without even considering the massive power of personalized direct mail campaigns.

At DVF we’ve helped customers achieve amazing results with printed marketing materials.

We’d love to do the same for you.

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